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Solar Power Solutions is a Northern Ontario based renewable energy system provider. From design to installation, we provide turn-key projects in the Solar PV, Thermal and Wind sectors.

Solar Power Solutions is a sister company to B&C Automation which operates an electrical contracting company in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. B&C Automation has a reputation second to none when it comes to delivering timely electrical construction projects on budget.

Coinciding with SPS' inception in June 2009, the Ontario government was offering very attractive solar oriented incentives under the FIT and MicroFIT programs, which were available to anyone willing to invest in Green Energy.

At a time where the ongoing decline of the forest industries in Northern Ontario created a lack of work in the electrical business, it seemed perfectly natural to branch out to Solar to fulfill the uprising demand of Green Energy producers.

With more than 20 years experience in the electrical field, our instincts were right to trust in this new venture and we proceeded to appropriate our solar enterprise. SPS was the first in Hearst to go on-grid as part of the MicroFIT program, as well as being the first company to install solar tracking systems in the North, with a total of 15 X 10 KW systems in the Fall of 2010 alone.

SPS supplied and installed solar equipment to light up close to 4 Km of trail at the local Cross-country ski club for night skiing.

Solar Power Solutions has surpassed its sales expectations and installations of solar systems in the region. SPS is a well-known established company which has partnerships with many local businesses.