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1. Is my roof ideal for a solar system?

If your roof faces south and has no shading, then your roof is ideal for a solar system.

2. How much will it cost?

The cost of a solar system varies significantly depending on the size of the system.

3. Do I need special insurance?

A solar installed system is a removable fixture and typically regarded as such by many Insurance companies. It is important to check with your insurance broker to see if any extra coverages are needed for your particular needs.

4. Are any permits needed before installation?

Many municipalities require a building permit for the installation of a solar rooftop system. We will handle all permits, applications, and ESA inspections on your behalf. Check with your local authorities for other requirements.

5. What guarantees does Solar Power Solutions offer?

Solar Power Solutions will warranty all workmanship for a total of five years. Additionally, all installed equipment comes with a manufacturer's warranty including a twenty-year power output warranty on the solar panels themselves.

6. What happens when it snows?

When snow accumulation does occur you will have a choice to remove it or wait for it to melt as it is most likely a poor day for power production anyway.

7. How long will my panels produce power for?

Solar panel systems come with a 20 year Manufacturer's power production warranty that ensures your panels will produce over 80% of their rated capacity for up to 20 years. It is expected that most panels will last at least 30 years with minimal general maintenance.

8. Will my property taxes increase?

Currently there is no direct impact on property taxes. This may change as future homes are sold and deemed to be more valuable. All property owners have the right to argue the value of their property.