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MicroFIT & FIT Basics

You could profit from a secure investment in renewable energy!

The Ontario Power Authority's (OPA) announced the new Feed-In-Tariff rates for the OPA programs (MicroFIT and FIT ) offering an opportunity for home owners and corporations to generate revenue by selling your solar power to the electrical grid.

Get paid for your solar power: OPA, MicroFIT and FIT

The MicroFIT and FIT programs pay Ontario homeowners and businesses a guaranteed rate for renewable energy they generate and sell to the grid.

The MicroFIT program covers systems 10 kW and under (total AC power output). MicroFIT is aimed at homeowners and small businesses; it offers premium rates and a streamlined application process. The FIT program is geared toward larger, commercial applications over 10 kW.

MicroFIT/FIT systems use a dedicated meter installed by your local power distribution company, which pays you for the power you generate. Because power is sent directly to the grid, MicroFIT/FIT systems use no batteries and do not affect your existing Hydro meter usage or billing.

MicroFIT pays 0.549$ per kiloWatt-hour (kWh) for roof-top solar electricity you generate, guaranteed for 20 years - nearly 10 times the 0.06$ to 0.10$ per kWh most Ontario consumers pay for electricity!

FIT pays 0.548$ per kiloWatt-hour (kWh) for roof-top solar power systems over 10kw for 20 years - allowing business the opportunity to make extra income without having to manage or maintain anything.

Solar Power Solutions can install a Solar Power System so you can add value to your home or business and take advantage of this sound investment. A typical system will pay for itself within 7 to 10 years. If you sell your property, the 20-year MicroFIT contract is transferable. Our solar modules are guaranteed for 25 years, with an expected lifespan of over 40 years. Once the contract expires, the electricity you generate is yours to use or sell.

MicroFIT vs. FIT: A comparison



Systems less than 10 kW

0.549$ per kWh (roof-mounted)
0.445$ per kWh (ground-mounted)

Streamlined application process with
guaranteed approval

No application fee

Approval process: 2-3 months

Systems more than 10 kW

0.548$ - 0.487$ per kWh (roof-mounted)
0.388$ - 0.347$ per kWh (ground-mounted)

Engineering and electrical impact
assessments required

$500-$5000+ fees

Approval process: 5-8 months

How much could you be earning from a MicroFIT Solar Energy System?